Colouring book series in Finnish has been published

Hetkeen tarttumisen taito etukansiWe are delighted to tell you that the first three books of the Finnish colouring book series Luovaa stressinhallintaa have been published. 

Rentoutumisen taito etukansiThe blue book is a translation of the English colouring book Being in the Now: 50 mindfulness quotes to colour and keep.

The green and purple books are straightforward colouring books without quotes. The green one contains nature-inspired pictures and the purple book abstract images and patterns.

Here’s what these colouring books are about in Finnish:

Luovaa stressinhallintaa -värityskirjasarja on tarkoitettu aikuisille ja varttuneemmille lapsille. Kirjat sisältävät erilaisia kuvia, joita on ilo värittää. Sinun ei tarvitse olla ammattimainen taiteilija nauttiaksesi luovuudesta – aloitettuasi huomaat, kuinka kuvien parissa touhuaminen auttaa laskemaan stressitasoa. Varaa siis hetki omaa aikaa ja rentoudu.

Mielen rauhoittamisen taito etukansiKirjojen kuvat on painettu vain toiselle puolelle paperia, joten voit leikata valmiit kuvat talteen ja laittaa ne esille.

Lisää tietoa kirjoista, esimerkkikuvia ja linkkejä mistä niitä voi ostaa löytyy täältä.

Rentouttavia värityshetkiä!

Colouring book ‘Being in the Now: 50 mindfulness quotes to colour and keep’ has been published

We are excited to announce the publication of Luscious Books’ first colouring book:Being in the Now: 50 mindfulness quotes to colour and keep. It’s available as UK and US editions, and it contains illustrated mindfulness quotes that are a delight to colour.

Being in the Now (UK edition)

Being in the Now (UK edition)

Being in the Now (US edition)

Being in the Now (US edition)

A variety of beautiful designs and patterns are combined with quotes that focus your mind on the present moment. With the help of colouring while contemplating the quotes, you can relax, de-stress and feel more grounded and at peace.

Each of the book’s 50 quotes and illustrations is printed on one side of the page only so that after you have finished colouring, you can cut out your artwork and display it as an ongoing inspiration.

Click here to find out more and view sample pictures.

Susan Hegedus, the author of Type 2 Diabetes Cookbook for Real Men is interviewed on radio

Type 2 Diabetes Cookbook for Real MenA little while ago Susan Hegedus, the author of Type 2 Diabetes Cookbook for Real Men was interviewed on Phoenix FM. In addition to telling about her diabetes cookbook, she also talks about her other writing projects.

You can hear her interview on (If you listen to the second recording on the page, you can even hear her play her flute!)

The Vegan Cookie Fairy’s Ice Creams has been published in German

Clémence Moulaert‘s wonderful book The Vegan Cookie Fairy’s Ice Creams has now been translated into German by Fanny Schmidt.

Die Vegan Cookie FairyDie Vegan Cookie Fairy: Dekadentes Eis für Jedermann auf Veganische Art ist das ideale Buch für all die Naschkatzen, die Süßes wollen, ohne Ihren veganen Lebensstil aufgeben zu müssen und jeden, der vielleicht noch nicht vegan lebt, aber eine alternative zu industriell hergestelltem Eis sucht. Die Rezepte in diesem Buch basieren auf pflanzlichen Zutaten und können ohne großen Aufwand oder teure Geräte in der heimischen Küche hergestellt werden.

Von spritzigen Sorbets zu Eis, bei denen Ihnen das Wasser im Mund zusammenläuft – diese Rezepte sind der ideale Abschluss einer jeder Mahlzeit! Egal ob Sie Schokoladeneis, Oreos oder etwas Exotischeres wie Jaffa Cake oder Mango Lassi bevorzugen, hier finden Sie das richtige Rezept für jeden Geschmack.

Patricia Fawcett is interviewed about her writing career

Patricia Fawcett is the author of over 20 romantic novels, including Calculated Risk,The Hills of Home, Love by Design and Countdown to Love.

Alison Alison Thompson, aka The Proof Fairy, interviewed Patricia and asked about her writing process and career. You can listen to the podcast here

Love by DesignThe Hills of HomeCountdown to LoveCalculated Risk

Yvonne Saar tells about her books and writing career

Yvonne Saar, the author of Get Ready to Ride and Secrets of a Riding Teacher, was interviewed by Alison Thompson, aka The Proof Fairy, and she was asked about her books and writing career.

You can find the podcast here and listen to Yvonne’s thoughts about creativity, right brain thinking and passion. She also has a few interesting tips to help you overcome writer’s block.

Cover of Get Ready to RideSecrets of a Riding Teacher

David Hough’s Family Legacy Trilogy is relaunched

David Hough’s Family Legacy Trilogy has been relaunched. The books tell about three families faced with with a crisis. Secrets long buried come to the surface and family life will never be the same again.

The three books are:

The Legacy of Secrets

The Legacy of SecretsFamily secrets lie hidden within the ancient walls of King’s Priory Manor on the Dorset coast. Plagued by nightmares and doubts about his own future, Colin Portesham tries to unearth those secrets. But the more he discovers, the more he realises that a terrible fate hangs over himself and those he loves.

Something mysterious happened to his grandfather, James Portesham, a wartime fighter pilot. Whatever it was, it now affects the Portesham family in the new millennium and there is nothing Colin can do to stop it. Someone he loves must die and someone else must suffer a terrible injury. And the cause of it was set in train long ago.

The Legacy of Conflict

The Legacy of ConflictAncient conflicts between England and Ireland come back to haunt Rose Greenwood when she sets out to meet the sister she never knew. Unaware of each other’s existence, and brought up in vastly different circumstances, they have little common ground.

When circumstances throw them into close contact, their differences threaten to tear them apart. And yet, in the face of a deadly danger, they realise they need one another. Can they overcome their mutual dislike in time to save their lives?

The Legacy of Shame

The Legacy of ShameIn the sleepy Dorset village of Hampton Warlock, Douglas Hadleigh mistakenly opens a letter addressed to his wife. The contents reopen old wounds and bring back memories of a tragedy from the past.

So begins an emotional journey that will take Douglas around the world to Australia and, later, see him embark on a hazardous trek into the Amazon rainforest. Along the way he will learn more of his wife’s secret past as well as the horrors experienced by a young girl lost in the heart of the jungle.

Find out more about David Hough and his books

David Hough tells how he was inspired to write his World War 1 novel In Foreign Fields

Prolific author David Hough has recently written a guest post for Charlie Cochrane’s blog about how he came to write his World War 1 novel In Foreign Fields. You can read the fascinating story here.

In Foreign Fields is the first book in the Secret Soldiers of World War 1 series. The second book, In Line of Fire, was published earlier this year. Both books are spy thrillers and take you on a fast-paced journey with Captain Wendel and Lieutenant DeBoise as they carry out their secret missions.

Cover of In Foreign Fields